How to choose serrated machine knives


High hardness and wear resistance

Generally speaking, the higher hardness of the serrated machine knives material, the better its abrasion resistance. The higher the hardness of the hard spots in the structure, the greater the number, the smaller the particles, and the more uniform the distribution, the better the wear resistance. Wear resistance is also related to the chemical composition, strength, micro-structure and temperature of the friction zone of the material.

Sufficient strength and toughness

In order for the serrated machine knives to withstand a lot of pressure and work under the impact and vibration conditions that often occur during the cutting process without chipping and breaking, the machine knives material must have sufficient strength and toughness.

High heat resistance

Heat resistance is the main indicator to measure the cutting performance of serrated machine knives raw materials. It refers to the performance of the serrated machine knives material to maintain the hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness of i under high temperature conditions. The serrated machine knives material should also have the ability to resist oxidation at high temperatures and good resistance to adhesion and diffusion, that’s say, it should have good chemical stability, good thermal physical properties and thermal shock resistance. The better the thermal conductivity of the serrated machine knives material, the easier the cutting heat is dissipated from the cutting zone, which is helpful to reduce the cutting temperature.


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